Today's Chef's Suggestions

tandp sidebar 2019 4aTuesday, August 9th, 2022



Shrimp Cakes...$7.00

Codfish Cakes...$6.50

Mozzarella Sticks...$6.00



Chicken or Veg...$3.25


Lunch Special:

Bifana Sandwich with Soup or Fries  $7.99


Dinner Specials:

Shrmp Scampi                              $15.00

Scrod Francaise                            $14.50

Broiled Swordfish                         $15.00

Pork Chops                                    $14.00

Sirloin Tips                                    $16.50

Chicken Parm                               $14.00

Whole Chicken Churrasco            $17.00



Prices listed above are for Take-Out only.

To place orders, please call (413) 583-6351.

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